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Luo, He-Lin+Chen, I-Chun|Light Forest|Kinetic art| 2011


Light Forest is a light artificial creature, a plant-like forest with a circulatory system under artificially customary laws. Usually in a semi-dormant state, but wakes up and dances due to human touch. In the process of dancing, the human body also tries to move to adapt to the contact with the light forest, creating a gesture of individual dancing with the light. After the intervention of the person, each light forest records the information of contact with the person, and with the accumulation of the information, affects the breathing mode and the awake state of the semi-dormant state, and achieves a self-learning growth. The concept of "Deep Pure Land" is a pure land like the ideal township. It tries to present a part of our heart that belongs to ourselves. "It" shines in the dark, "It" touches you because of your arrival. "It" is a spiritual creature. When the participants did not enter the touch, the light forest breathed slightly, and the intensity of the light gave a visual sense of breathing. When the participant enters and triggers, the vibration sensor on the light forest will know the person's touch and start the motor to dance each light forest. At this time, the person will change the action due to the dancing of the light forest and thus trigger different light. The dance, the constant chain dance, and interaction.

羅禾淋+陳依純|光林|機械裝置| 2011



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