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Invisible Window| Mirror+River|2018

As for the definition of hometown, the continuous derivation runs forward, but gradually found that it is a very fuzzy boundary because people are constantly flowing, but if you pull the timeline to the modern point, think about the memory shared by the hometown, it is in the window edge The iron window on the flowers, those symbols are the memories of the grandmother's house in the country.

Looking for a lot of iron window styles, trying to restore the symbols of the small village in the memory, the iron window of Hakka Village in the area of ​​Xinshi Road, Pingtung, is used as a symbol template, and the window pattern is mirror-sticked. By reflecting the mirror, the natural scenery is mapped onto it, and the entity of the window pattern disappears. The boundary line between the inside and the outside, which was originally separated by the "window", has disappeared.

Our body is a dynamic movement.


Looking for the future outside the window, but also miss the hometown in the window. What kind of world is there in the window and the scenery outside the window? The boundary of the mirror crystal's dimension refraction is when it is secretly divided outside and inside? When will we pause the run and look back at the window waiting for Yours? And we decided to continue to run forward, or look back in the window waiting?




流動的我們,尋覓窗外的未來,也思念窗內的家鄉,我們所見的窗內和窗外的風景各呈現的是甚麼樣的世界? 那鏡面晶體的維度折射的疆界是在何時被悄然劃分了境外和境內? 我們何時會暫停奔跑,回頭看看那窗內在等待你的? 而我們決定繼續往前奔跑還是回望窗內的等待?

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