Healing – Reconstructed Memories|film, sound, file ,painting|2018


Eight people from Taiwan, Denmark, Scotland, Romania, Italy, Lithuania, and one Kurdish carry unforgettable painful memories from their childhood or adolescence. The work presents audio and video, documents translated to the Chinese and English languages, and the paintings made as a response to the interviews. The artist interviews people from different countries and ask them to recall the saddest memories of their childhood. After listening to these stories, she reinterprets them and tries to erase those memories of the interviewees.


How to help them reconstruct beautiful childhood memories? The artist aims to visit their country and their age by conducting a field survey and gathering historical data. She uses painting, video, and document archives (maps, memoirs) to reproduce the scenes of those memories.
Some of the interviewees stayed in a concentration camp, some were bullied in school, some saw criminals coming into their home to collect debts, and some lost their close family members. Each different story reflects a way in which this world functions. As we look from a child’s perspective, we can see the most intimate matters and national problems, such as war.


This work attempts to give these eight grown-ups who once were little kids new beautiful memories.