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Child 2.0 | Performance / Drone / AR / 3D / Moving Image | 2018

In the performance, an Asian woman dressed in white is hiding in a dark corner, she wants to play the role of stone, she listens with fear to the smoke of war, she runs wildly and shouts loudly. In the video, the flames of war immediately turn into a street fight. She is telling herself not to be afraid; this is just a hide-and-seek game that she used to play with her brother when they were kids. She feels helpless but picks up the gun and fights, yet unfortunately dies. 


In the second act, she becomes a woman in red and is an evil spirit of the undead body. In a twitching and uncontrollable body, disordered mind, is she trying to find something?


When she sees a plane flying in the distance, her memory awakes. Is that an enemy? Is that a rescue army? The fragments of lost memories break in her mind. An unmanned aerial vehicle allows her to see her own life. Those helpless expressions and gestures of her life, one by one, reappear in illusory images. She slowly starts to remember the moment before her death. She fears but picks up the gun and wants to fight against the war (the confrontation of a gun and aerial vehicle). She gradually recalls the autonomy of her body and spirit and understands that she is already free from the fear of the war. She starts to control her body and mind. She did not die safely; she only understands that she is dead. She cannot speak, she has no words, no tears.

孩子2.0|演出 /無人機 / AR / 3D / 動態影像|2018







計畫主持人|吳宗祐 Derjk








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