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Performing information


7th Thursday 18:30-19:30 |23:00-0:00

8th Friday   16:00-17:00

9th Saturday 19:00-20:00 | 0:00-1:00

10th Sunday 14:00-15:00


Austria Linz Neuer Dom


Project description

There is always a child living inside our minds. The child could be named as Émile or Sophie by Rousseau. This child has co-existed with us eternally and gazed back to our hearts at all times.

How do we define grow up? Or we have never grown older? As time fleeting away, humans are escaping from prison endlessly and being discarnate simultaneously. We left the self behind as a “discarnate man”. According to McLuhan, the discarnate man was a human being who still processes his bodies in the physical world, however, the self or identity could be present in other phantom electronic places. We unconsciously discard the self in an invisible and unceasing term of growing up.

Thought the impact of globalization and digital informatics, we are unable to clearly define the meaning of growing up. The only thing we know is that we have an unconscious physical body at the moment.

We are destined to born in a certain place with certain skin colors and speak a certain language. Somehow we start to abandon our own roots and turn to implant other mainstream culture. The childhood talk with the mother is similar to have a talk to the self. The native language bear with a pure mind is no longer precious nowadays. Will you still please listing to me when I share a story of childhood with my own language?

“L'Enfant” invites the audience steps into a conceal world build-up by artists. The performance involves techniques of the drone with a camera to detect and capture the scene and the audience’s reaction. The recorded image will project on the screen in the interactive approach through programming design. It’s a journey started from childhood memories. The environment creates by drones and installations impose pressure on the audience. The faces of the audience left alone on the screen that carries tolerance and compassion toward reality. The world has expected a beautiful future. Although the future we are living in isn’t perfect. We are still making an effort to as forward-looking.


Project Credits

Project Director| Derjk Wu

Director (Digital artist)|I-Chun Chen; He-Lin Luo

Sound Desiger|Jin-Yao Lin

Producer |Ruei Yen

Technical Director| Chia-Sheng Chu

Stage Manage| Hong-Ting Xie

Lighting Desiger| Shawn Lee

Sound Engineer| TP Chen

Video Actor| Yi-Ju Fang

Program Design Assistant| Yu-Ci Huang, Yu-Jie Huang

Special Thanks (Storyteller)|

Owen Robertson (Scotland); Ana Goidea (Romania); Giulia Consonni (Italy); Anne-Kristine Selvejer (Denmark); Rune Bastian Barrett(Denmark); Laura Lygaityte(Lithuania); Jay Lin (Taiwan)


Advised by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China

Presented by Quanta Arts Foundation, QA Ring and Ars Electronica

Associated by Liang Gallery

Sponsored by Quanta Computer the culture yard

孩子 L’EnFant



9/7(四) 18:30-19:30 |23:00-0:00

9/8(五) 16:00-17:00

9/9(六) 19:00-20:00 | 0:00-1:00

9/10(日) 14:00-15:00

地點| 奧地利 林茲新主教座堂










計畫主持人|吳宗祐 Derjk











Owen Robertson (蘇格蘭); Ana Goidea (羅馬尼亞); Givlia Consonni (義大利); Anne-kristine Selvejer (丹麥); Rune Bastian Barrett (丹麥); Laura Lygaityte(立陶宛); Jay Lin (台灣)

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