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Chapter Ten: The World Where Spirits Wander in the Universe Is Very Extensive and Romantic

Little Black’s Whole Life in the Factory – Second Episode


Dog-headed robots are useful blue-collar robots. In fact, is not everyone a robot who can survive in this oxygen-free environment? Only us, the white-collars, claim that we are the higher species of biological evolution. As a result, we can survive even under difficult circumstances, yet who wants to tell the truth? This topic cannot be discussed publicly. It is even more interesting that us, humanoid robots, are the ones who are aware of ourselves. It can be perceived as a program error and must be annihilated. Thus, if you are aware of yourself, you have to make sure to maintain the same thinking as other robots and to take good care of yourself.


These dog-headed robots that belong to the blue-collar work non-stop while their awareness is roaming in space. This might encourage them to be more pure-minded and not to revolt. The factory’s supervisor has a remote infrared control, which he can use to turn off any robot at any time. Thus, their wages are being deducted without any warning. In fact, the management is much easier this way and no one revolts, but everyone has the courage to think about the things that are not in good condition. It is all related to the amount of gasoline they consume. Even if they were still far behind the upgrade system, the memory of smart dog-headed robots would still control the invisible system. In this case, their knowledge of five hundred lifetimes is not touched. In order to ensure effective control of the white-collars, who would be so foolish to release high-end technology to these dog-headed robots?

第拾章 精神在宇宙中漫遊的世界非常遼闊且浪漫

 小黑在工廠中的一輩子 2|10min|film|2015




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