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Chapter Eight: Asking if It Is a Real Body Is Very Impolite

 Perfect Cyborg – Candy Candy|Video Installation|2015


If I removed my mask, you would discover my whole body to be made of electronic organs. These days, who would dare to say that their own body is not real? It is a pity, but I am not sure when it started exactly, yet surely before the extinction of the human race. At that time some people already had metal parts and electronic structures in their bodies. At the beginning, it was mainly soldiers wounded during the war. In order not to waste the actual experience of fighting the enemy, national defense units reinvented military robots and transformed them into more sophisticated robots. When technology developed, even more, the national health care system also began applying technology for disabled and those who wanted to become more beautiful, thus contributing to war revenues. These procedures were very expensive, but technology allowed to get more physical strength, intelligence, and physical form. Nevertheless, it brought up jealousy and unlimited desire in humans. The richer people were, the longer they could live. Those whose body already had electronic parts also had a young physical form. Who could tell how old they were? Everyone claimed their memories to be natural; the ageless face had to be well maintained. Each of ‘you’ and I, all of us have an untold story, and there certainly is one ‘I’ of the pre-extinct you. I am convinced that all of this happened not because of the evolution of cells, but because of the electronic body parts.


When humanoids had the ability to transcend from human beings, everyone was aspired to get more than others, everyone claimed to have a real body. Only the division responsible for repairing parts knew who had real bodies. This division is the most mysterious in the underground countries and has the biggest wealth among the invisible corps. When body parts are damaged, we only need to float in an invisible website and to fill in a personalized database to ask the personnel to come to collect us. These robots who are responsible for this job do not know what they are transiting because there are at least a million of structural divisions. No one knows what that floating object is. In this world where personal privacy is under extreme protection, all structures of confidentiality involve wealth and profit. No one can divide the wealth of others’ domains, otherwise, the invisible corps might receive the intervention or even be wiped out. Only an extremely small number of humanoids are wealthy. In this era, the emphasis is on order, structure, and privacy. Any attempt to destroy this will or body might be eliminated and there will be no news, memories or regrets about it.

第捌章 問是不是真實肉身是沒禮貌的

完美製造-小甜甜|Video Installation|2015




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