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Her gaze at me - not the old witch and the weak king|Acrylic|2004

Her gaze at me - Clown Courtier and Crazy Killer|Acrylic|2004

Her gazing at me - the little citizen on the roller coaster|Acrylic| 2004

Her gazing at me - Gingerbread man doesn't want to play high-altitude bounce|Acrylic|2004

Her gaze at me - Sha Wujing to cross the river but not to break the bridge|Acrylic|2004

Her gazing at me - the clown built a big house to make a lot of money|Acrylic|2014

她的凝視的我- 不老巫婆與懦弱的國王|壓克力|2004

她的凝視的我- 小丑臣子與瘋狂殺人魔|壓克力|2004

她的凝視的我- 雲霄飛車上的小小市民|壓克力|2004

她的凝視的我- 薑餅人不想玩高空彈跳|壓克力|2004

她的凝視的我- 沙悟淨要過河但不拆橋|壓克力|2004

她的凝視的我- 小丑蓋大房土地滾滾滾|壓克力|2014

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