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Candy Candy|TV installation|2012-2015

Cartoon Candy Candy was broadcast on Taiwan TV in 1979 and then replayed five times in 1981. This is the childhood memories of many people in Taiwan 1960-1980. I was born in 1980 and I have no special memory for this memory. So when I was in Japan in 2013, because I had enough night time, I chose to look back at the cartoons that almost every girl was watching when I was in this childhood. Thinking about why I insisted on not watching at that time? I remember when my mother told me that when she was a little girl, she also watched Candy Candy, I was a shock and confusion and incest. Every little girl might think she was Candy, and how can we go with our mothers to fall in love with the same person - Anthony? At that time, I felt that it was too morally confusing, so I decided not to look at it. So far I have seen the little Candy half, and that fantasy projection is really disturbing. Is this cartoon a colonial ideological invasion? Or is it a fascination with blond girls? This cultural invasive brainwashing has made many girls dream of growing up in the orphanage. If you want to watch 150 episodes with peace of mind, if you turn these characters into objects, the image type in the TV case, the safe distance of this form of viewing may make you feel at ease and not physically and mentally. There is a wrong imagination.



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