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Very humorous-instant imagination of disaster|film|5min|2012

Only the fissured fragments of the events have remained, but the oral accounts and the memories of various people can help to fill in the cracks. Retrospectively looking back at the late-night escape, which took place twenty years ago, the question ‘why did it happen’ comes to the foreground. Until now, there have been many broken bits of evidence that benefit to unraveling a mystery of the incident. Even though the information I have is from official sources, but the field research and visits will aid us toward understanding.  


Sometimes people have to go through some strange experiences when they are facing intense violent attacks. The body goes out of control or it even loses its form, we have to fully accept the present situation and acquisitions that ought to become paradoxical under a social disorder.


We try to create a seemingly safe world at the edge of the border situated at a landscape that seems to be secured. But what really happened was a deadly fire caused by a gas leak in a densely populated industrial area, which triggered a tumult in the middle of the night.


I try to piece back the history with my fragmented memories from that night to illustrate the disaster, to portray the people who have experienced it, and to comfort not only the victims of this incident but also those who were able to escape.






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