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AR Tank Man-When the Tank Enters MOCA Taipei,AR interactive installation,2021

In history, the Tank Man has been a major and historic event that triggered international disturbance and anxieties. The post-pandemic era is in a war-like, chaotic state. Whether people are living in the real world or the virtual world is no longer a matter of importance—wherever you are, you need to be prepared for war. AR Tank Man-When the Tank Enters MOCA Taipei represents the unforgettable image of the Tank Man via augmented reality, or AR, as if MOCA Taipei were about to be occupied by a tank. This is not simply a representation of the Tiananmen Square protests but also a manifestation of the nullification of art in the post-pandemic era. When globalization is reversed and the death toll worldwide has been increasing, art becomes a mirage and must assume the most straightforward and barest state in front of the public eye and return to zero.

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