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漸漸 塑型成 

一種制式的 那幾種人的模樣


模具的度量 刻畫了世界需要的各式尺度

多次的衝擊 打壓 折凹

漸漸的成為一種 標準化下的物件


那些時刻 我總在尋找瑕疵



仍堅持 彰顯不同自己的外顯





在數以萬計中 僅有寥寥極少的失敗品

那份歪斜 不對稱 膨脹 

伴隨著作業員的精神恍惚 施予神性


在連續動作身體催化下 漸漸肉身也成為機械的一部份

反覆  無盡時間  促成了最後人性一滴的睡意

徒然地 搖晃 驚醒

碰出了 火 和 光  
創作了 雪白 發光 神性地  極致品味
歪斜 固執 扭拗 藝術性


是在一種 迷茫身體和機械身體間

一種 破 格

一種 莽 撞

物件的神性 再現

它將  不在是 標準化作業中的複數


而是 唯一

Mold Model Series, Metal Objects, 2021

The world is made to order

All kinds of molds

The mud was pushed forward from the pit

gradually shaped into

The appearance of those kinds of people in one format


Die Metrics depicts the various scales the world needs

Multiple shocks, crushes, dents

Gradually become a standardized object


Those moments I'm always looking for flaws

that seems stubborn

under the impact of all the loud noise

Still insist on showing a different appearance


that unique waste

become a shining star


Among the tens of thousands, there are only a few failures

That skew asymmetric expansion

The trance that accompanies the clerk, bestows divinity


Under the catalysis of continuous movements, the body gradually becomes a part of the machine

Repeated endless time contributed to the last drop of human drowsiness

Shaking waking up in vain

touch fire and light
Created snow-white glowing divinely excellent taste
askew stubborn twisted artistry


between a confused body and a mechanical body

an exception

a reckless

The Divinity of the Object Reappearance

it will not be plural in normalized homework


but only

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