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Lin’s Anecdotes|ink, color, scrolletc., |2020




The exhibition focuses on the legendary story of Lin,Shui-yuan as the main narrative, recording the legendary story of Lin,Shui-yuan as a professional photographer and expressive painter in the Japanese occupation era, and then a professional Feng Shui master.

From the early years, the family sponsored to study in China with the elder brothers of politicians, but Lin did not study politically. Instead, he was happy to learn the life of literati in witchcraft, photography, painting, planting flowers, raising birds, and opera. He inherited the career and property given to him by his family, but did not understand people's political operations and sinister. He was deceived to save all his savings and became a lonely story.


There are many dictated history of Taiwan history secrets, which involved many early disputes between the powerful family and Taiwan ’s historical politicians. The artist presents the oral history as a monster diary. Many unspeakable past Taiwan stories will be reversed one by one, and some clues will be left behind.

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