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Human fear article no.1 - 170 million years old life Flight and hunting|mosquito lamp, lighting control|2016

Maybe we don't have too much in-depth focus or interest on the objects and species in our daily life. Many of the things that exist, we don't care too much about how to generate and evolve and the relative influence. Maybe at some point, an event will start to care.


The ancient life of mosquitoes, whether it is Liang Yuandi or Shen Fu's reputation as "white bird" or "white crane", still does not reduce the human impulse to kill it. This kind of beautiful imagination from a helpless, from the abomination of hunting to the helpless self-deception of the beautiful imagination, in fact, mixed with the cultural course of humanity.


Intercepting the flight and spread of pathogens, people are positioned in the life of aliens, humans have practiced various types of self-protection, and hunted to kill the pathogens of aliens. In the industrial history of Taiwan, the development of these machines has a series of accumulation and development processes. Although the knowledge of the predecessors has been accumulated, it still does not reduce the dream of killing mosquitoes.


For mosquitoes, different identities face the same species and there is a huge difference. Let people begin to think about the connection and interest between this, the inventor of the mosquito lamp, the researcher of science and social relations, the expert of parasitic research, the victim with the bite of dengue virus, and the connection with the mosquito. Through the creation of the artist, the relationship between the individual, the institution and the society is linked.


Special thanks to :

Professor Chen Zhengcheng, National Institute of Parasitology and Research, Yang Ming University

Professor Guo Wenhua from the National Institute of Science and Technology, Yang Ming University

Mr. Chen Qingrong, Head of Xinrong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Miss Chen fat ball bitten by a vector mosquito

人的畏懼篇no.1—1.7億年古老生命 體的飛行與獵殺|捕蚊燈,燈光控制|2016





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