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Measuring Distance Between the Self and Others | film|06m32s|2010

As an onlooker travels to a country without communicating well,all outer behaviors turn to a state where a human being originates. In order to assess current event,lots of incidences were expressed,worked out and digested by another person who owned the same cultural recognition. A person became isolated from others,and let the stories end up with irregular sentences. At the moment,estimating on personal subjects to resolve the critics staying ahead while pointing out the mood while playing video games,all the things became no need to be hurried. Being panic in a game is a heavy loading,when the game comes to the end,there's another start.

測量個人與他方間的距離| film|06m32s|2010

以一個旁觀者介入了另一個語言無法妥善溝通的國家中旅遊,一切的外在行為回歸到一個人類最原初的動物本能狀態去生存,去判斷所有突發在眼前的事件,而許多意外在莫名中被多數擁有相同文化認知的他者詮釋了、解決了、消化了,自身變的隔離於多數他者,而讓故事都結束在不是正規句號的所在。而此刻,測量自身的主觀去消解眼前所停留的危機,切入至遊玩電玩時的心境,一切變得一點都不需要太過慌張,心想著Game Over大不了重新啟動而已。

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