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Good-bye my grandmother’s fat chicken|film|5min|2009

Twenty years ago,the everyday scene of domestic chicken farms in my grandmother’s neighborhood has now become a token of memory. The mass production of this global world has eradicated that local,hand-on experience; instead,the battery farming,the industrialized raising and killing have substituted the former emotionlessly. After twenty years from now,the daily activities we have been engaged in and the objects we are using must also become another token of memory.

逝去的胖胖雞| film|5min|2009

20年前在阿嬤家那隨處可見的景象,家家飼養雞的場景如今已塑像紀念。全球化大量快速複製下,昔日的地方氣息如今已消散,取代的是籠中雞,快速飼養,快速宰殺,不帶情感和珍惜。而20年後我們現下平凡的行為和手中正在使用的物件是否亦會被塑像懷念 !

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