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a cement plant|film|5min|2011

Attempts to describe the physical impact of the body being covered in a detached image. This is a collage image without a clear narrative, and the symbol has a contrast between industrial scenes and ecological species. The black dog in the image drifts in a migrating manner, that is, it declares to enter an unnatural field space, but in reality, it is a natural species that coexists with the factory and is interdependent. The home of everyday objects comes from a large number of cement molecules, and it becomes a daily living space. What I am trying to worry about is the source. The surrounding area is filled with uninformed information, and a small number of workers are hidden in the cement field. The corner is working. But it can generate a large number of people's residences, such a contrast and generation has a kind of shackles here, and such a gap is my concern.



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