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Luo, He-Lin+Chen, I-Chun|Light Calligraphy|Kinetic art, Luminous pigment| 2010

Use classical physics conception to let LED’s light through Convex Lens to create the beam. And that the beam draws on the absorb pigment (Chemistry: ZnS).This classical physics phenomenon is want to let the science,technology and machine to come back to the original nature,and that is the Zen of Buddhism. The beam is like a pen; the absorbing pigment is like a paper,we use Single-chip IC to control the machine’s motion ,to create the Chinese calligraphy‘s pause and transition in rhythm breath. The light’s motion will create the Zen confines. When viewers joining this work,they pursue the light which is according to the Chinese calligraphy’s motion,and those pursue and touch the process will let the beam and the viewer’s body combine with the machine. The Chinese calligraphy breath will hug the viewer’s body. When the viewer touches the light point,they stay their shadow on the wall,at the same time they also change the drawing. The viewer could like the beam to stay their breath and conception on the wall.




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