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Luo, He-Lin+Chen, I-Chun|The light in the storm|Kinetic art| 2012

When in a special space,the scene's visual will change in different velocity,and it will directly influence the inside the mind and outside body to the people's feelings. We try to make a space,when people go inside in the center,they will start the sensor to that the light to rotate fast. And the speed light will sculpture a three-dimensional shape. Use computer's data to control the velocity of light. The light's move will over sense and not settled down. When using the data to translate the speed and machine,the feel to our body is a translation process of data,machine,and human's body. People are voluntary to joint and influence object,and the object will have feedback,it is a loop system to communicate until people leave.

羅禾淋+陳依純|光風暴The light in the storm|機械裝置| 2012


 當進入一個異地空間,周邊景致的速度變異,將可直接影響人的內在及外在的身體感知。我們試圖製作一個人為的空間區塊,當人走進置中區域時,將觸發而啟動感應,使周邊的光條快速旋繞,並運用速度將光雕塑成立體的量體。 運用資訊的傳輸去操控光速,光的流動,近身接觸將帶來一種超越感官的不安定感。當資訊資料轉化為光速,且轉化為機具操控時,身體接收的感覺,是資料、機具、身體的一種傳遞的過程,而人是主動的主體去影響物件等客體,物件再操作回饋,而亦也成為一個輪回的傳遞機制,直到主體的離開。

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