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Wang-Shih's memories|film|10 min 43sec|2018

I tried to find the scenery near Wang-Shih's hometown on google map. Maybe what is the road she used to travel? I also searched for related ancient photos on the Internet. Those who met Wang-Shih once dictated her life moments and clothing tastes. Especially in the era of Japanese occupation, Wang-Shih also lives in the memory of the elite family.


There are many stories about Wang-Shih's family on Wikipedia. The historical data of many family members is also somewhat different from the story that Wang-Shih used to tell. Those are the vague memories of her old age. I reinterpreted the photo cues of trying to get a picture of the family from the Internet, simulating her youthful appearance and daily life.


These may all be wrong landscapes, ridiculous family-combined character traits, misplaced clothing collocations, Wang-Shih's vague memory, and death without proof. These series seem to be right, and it seems that the wrong collage becomes a kind of unspeakable. The absurdity is also becoming a regret for Wang-Shih's life.


Until her death for many years, I found the name that Wang-Shih often missed during the lifetime. This is the key to help her find her family. Of course, Wikipedia also shows that these celebrities are no longer alive, and their descendants are generations. After the illustrious identity level, it was decided that only a weak choice would give up the truth. This high-weight family abandoned the story of a woman, and the image said it was like the real life of a lie.




罔市的往事|動態影像|10 min 43sec|2018

我在google map上試圖尋找罔市的家鄉附近的風景,也許哪些是她曾經走過的路?也在網路上找尋相關的古老照片,那些符合罔市曾經口述她的生活片刻和衣著品味,尤其那些在日據時代裡,罔市還居住在權貴家族中的記憶影像。





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