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The piggy song|Video|8min|2013

The piggy song is derived from a Chinese phrase “drinking cups flowing in the river” which describes how the ancient intellectuals’ leisure in nature. In modern times, such a luxury can no longer be seen on the riverside. Industrial wastewater or bodies of animals that have died of diseases gracefully float in the river. Later, with the help of strong chemical disinfection, the water from the river safely enters our bodies to nurture every organ inside us. The supply chain of unlicensed slaughterhouses magically transforms various dead bodies into delicacies and distributes them into restaurants around the country. Every time when a herd of pigs dies together and the news channels spend a few seconds on it, we will finally think of the unnatural, almost magical, source of the tasty sausage.

曲水流豬| Video|8min|2013


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