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Shui Yuan Lin Legend –Second Episode|5min|Video|2014

There were many farmers in the early rural society in Taiwan. One day,mother and son were picking fruits on the hillside,but,unfortunately,the child slipped and fell down the mountain. People in the village did not know how to pull the dead boy out from under the mountain,therefore they asked Lin Shui Yuan for help. It was known in the village that Lin Shui Yuan is able to control the body of the corpse so the body could walk upon its own,and,thus,could be buried to rest in peace. Although now it is only a legend,people are still talking about this marvelous spell of Lin Shui Yuan and his benevolence. In this work,I hope to talk about the magic regardless of whether it is marvelous or not. Lin Shui Yuan was kindhearted and assisted poor people free of charge. Therefore,people still cherish and respect his memory.

林水源傳奇 第二集|5min|Video|2014



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