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Shui Yuan Lin Legend –IV Episode|5min|Video|2015

The story of SHUI YUAN LIN – LEGEND IV GRASP REPLACEMENT takes place in an early rural village in Nantou, where water is rare and valuable in the mountains, so women all come to the river to wash the clothes. The river is the gathering place to do laundry, while it also offers small fish and shrimps for the later meals. Babies or small kids are on their mothers’ backs, and older kids are playing at the river, running around and catching shrimps. The naughty ones are skipping from one stone to another, barefoot, ignoring mothers’ warning that “the misbehaving kids will be taken by the evil spirits in the river as a replacement.” Mothers tell them that every year the evil spirits in the river will take away the naughty kids playing at the river, and the kids taken will become the evil spirits too, waiting for the next kid to come. The made-up folklore sounds so true from these mothers, making sure that the “ghost story” will keep all the kids safe around their moms and away from any river accident. The Fengshui Master Shui Yuan Lin thus follows the rural belief to make himself a wise man who protects the kids by bringing them fear.

林水源傳奇 第四集|5min|Video|2015


主要講述的故事內容為在南投地區早期農村社會裡,婦女洗衣都群聚在河川旁,在山裡溪水資源十分珍貴,河川是洗衣聚集之所,也是餐桌上河蝦小魚之佳餚。這些洗衣的婦人,背上著嬰孩;而年歲夠大能行走的孩子便圍著河川邊嬉戲捉蝦。調皮的孩子會在石頭上蹦跳,這些光著腳丫的頑童被母親警告著 :不乖的孩子,好奇心的驅使而遠離眾人的視線,就會被水裡的妖怪抓去成為捉交替的水鬼。而每年都會抓不乖的調皮鬼,而這些鬼怪的故事說的確鑿,為的昰這些調皮不已的孩子,能在母親關愛視線下予以安全的看顧以免發生溺水滑倒而杜撰出的民間故事。而風水師林水源先生便在這樣的農村氣氛下配合演出,而為一個孩子們既畏懼實則保護頑皮孩童的智者。

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