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Scavenger woman A – Unemployed teacher / Scavenger man A – Underground musician|moving image|2014

Some people search for opportunities all their life and they work hard. Yet the funny part is that hard work and talent may still in vain from time to time. Through the time flow and political transformation,some people suddenly awaked after several frustrations and ask themselves what is that they are tracing for? When one’s active life becomes passive,and a person’s power to influence the country is limited,can people only choose to give up?

拾荒女A-流浪教師 / 拾荒男A-地下音樂人|動態影像|2014


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拾荒者系列 1 女僕的忠告|小說|2014



Scavenger series 1 – the advice from a maid|novel|2014

I am born with a silver spoon and extremely rich. As desiring experiencing a normal life style,I hire a private detective to teach me the ordinary behavior in order not to be out of tune with others or explore my true identity. I do not like being suspended in midair; since I am playing the role already,I am going to do it properly. Hence,I decide to enter a world,which I have never imagined,and live through what my maids describe life is precious. And I think… I am about to enter hell.



Exhibited at the Crane Gallery

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