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As a child, I burst into tears when I saw Roberto Benigni’s (b. 1952) movie Life Is Beautiful. The story deeply touched me, and I thought maybe there is something I can do to reflect on the narrative of this story: a kid and a father playing a game in a concentration camp through which father gradually lets his kid know of his disappearance.   


When we grow up we become braver, the legendary monsters of this world also become more noticeable, and we get caught up in fear of life. How can a pure soul see this world’s operation? I believe that all of us were good as kids.


小的時後看羅貝托・貝尼尼(Roberto Benigni,1952-)的電影《美麗人生》(Life is Beautiful),我淚流不止,那觸動了我,也許我能做點甚麼去回應這段影片敘事的歷史:在集中營的年幼孩子,父親利用遊戲的方式,慢慢的讓孩子似懂非懂地習慣父親的不在和消失。


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