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Chapter Five: Rescuing Similar but not Alike Individuals in a Place Between Hell and Paradise – Outside Is the Busy Scene – Today Has the Beautiful Moon / Have the Ability to Flee – Keep an Elegant Escape

"Have the ability to flee - Keep an elegant escape"|120X120CM|acrylic|2012 (right)

"Outside is the busy scene – Today has the beautiful moon"|120X120CM|acrylic|2012 (left)


Unexpected things also happen in the world of robots. One day a holographic projection suddenly appeared announcing breaking news. Everyone was at a loss of the historical event, which we named “the incident of saving candy-candy cyborgs from the sea.”


On that day, an artificial land unexpectedly collapsed, and a mall momentarily sank into the sea. Everyone panicked once they saw candy-candy cyborgs in the sea. While the senior commander was not able to distinguish who is who because all the cyborgs looked the same, he received the first emergency call ordering to save the youngest daughter of the interplanetary diplomat. Due to this reason and owing to the error that occurred during the rescue, the entire commander’s team was destroyed.


The destroyed ones were the mouse-headed robots, hence, I believe, no one actually cared how many died. The most important is that the youngest daughter was rescued, yet she was not the first to be saved, therefore every one understood why all of this happened.


Later on, in order to avoid similar incidents from happening again, the candy-candy cyborgs had to suffer hardships. Two hours after the incident, international celestial law had been passed saying that, at the moment of crisis, all white-collars must first remove their artificial leather face masks and show their hidden P codes. After scanning the code, the rescue team has to make a decision about who can be given the priority to be saved.

第伍章 在末日和天堂間拯救相似但不同的個體

有本事的先跑-請保持優雅的逃亡|120X120CM|acrylic|2012 (right)

窗外的忙碌景致-今日明月|120X120CM|acrylic|2012 (left)








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