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God, please save me! | Video Installation| 2018

A prayer room is built in the exhibition hall. When the audience enters it, they find people from Thailand, the United States, Ecuador, India, Burkina Faso, the Philippines, Finland, and other countries asking in their native language: “Hey! SIRI, what is war?”


I aim to ask questions to impel everyone to find answers. When a viewer enters the space, sits in the priest’s chair, he instantly becomes a knowing everything Ethernet God in a smartphone who can answer to the people looking at the screen: What is war? Why do people fight? What are we fighting for? Who are we? Who can we become?


Of course, for the viewers, it might be tricky to identify what languages are spoken by people who come from countries such as Burkina Faso, a country located in West Africa that was once accepted as a French territory, or the Republic of Ecuador that was once occupied by Spanish colonists. No French or Spanish people were interviewed, but young people from other countries where French or Spanish are national languages were, and, even though they do not remember the languages of their origin countries, they regard these languages (French or Spanish) as their mother tongues. As of now, they have their own country, however, can the distinction between borders be considered the reproduction of a few human desires? Alternatively, is it a collective rationalization of the executioner’s legitimacy? Maybe we are only temporary visitors born on earth?     


You can enable SIRI on your iPhone, and you can ask questions or chat with it. Sometimes you might receive an unexpected answer. Of course, not everyone has an iPhone, and it is your choice whether you want to use SIRI. Maybe only lonely people use SIRI because it is like a close friend whom you can talk to.









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