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Invisible Direction Series|Monitor, attack program, homemade laser gun, invisible paint, film, sensor| 2017


Invisible Direction is an on-going project that attempts to blur the boundaries of various systems by responding to a certain rule of a system at a time. The target rules can be national legal regulations or odd frames. For instance, Invisible Direction – Taiwan aimed to answer to Penal Act of Offenses Against National Currency by making purchases with conceptually destroyed banknotes to achieve abnormalities under their normal functions. Invisible Direction – China was responding to Regulation on Internet Information Service by uploading encrypted videos and decrypting them in the exhibition site to avoid, and thus nullify the censorship system. In addition, Invisible Direction – Singapore tried to respond to the Vandalism Act by making graffiti with invisible ink on Singapore streets, making the graffiti existed without physical forms.

In Invisible Direction –White and Black, the issues of “internet privacy” and “internet morality” are discussed. When the audience is trying to see the work, they also trigger DoS (denial-of-service) attacks. By making the participation in the exhibition an invisible attack in such a rational space, the workplace privacy, and morality in a gray area.

These projects attempt to highlight and dim the boundaries of regulations to ponder on the modern regulations and frames – are these quick fixings only able to solve our problems on the surface? These easy solutions will be caught in more social dilemmas and hurdles. When we are familiar with this society controlled by cold, convenient regulations, will crime and punishment be impossible to be reduced, and enhance themselves to be more intense?


陳依純 + 羅禾淋 




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