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純禾作 Pure Do
Light Dragon | Power Structure, Steel Rope, Motor, Light Control | 2018

The power structure pulls the steel ropes to the banks of the river and becomes a dynamic circle. This kind of power, to drive a light sculpture object floating on the water, changes its modeling dynamics and simulates a biological dynamic.


We use digital objects to create an organic concept of imitation creatures, to reproduce a legend, which may be a monster in the Nile, hidden in the deep sea. We try to use technology to reproduce the emergence of myths. It can achieve a moment of miracle. When people can see a fast-moving shadow or light, there will always be a mysterious or beautiful story, we think Whether new media artists can reproduce ancient myths, let people see and see the legends in contemporary time and space.


In many countries, there are legends of dragons. They each have the power of their myth. We think that the cultures of different countries have the same or even similar cultural context. They are related to the migration of anthropology and the inheritance of culture. Now we hope to reproduce the light and shadow of the past historical myths so that people can understand the cultural codes shared by human beings. We will reproduce the legend of the dragon. In the waters of Linz, I hope that the path of Claude Lévi-Strauss's inheritance of mythology can break the boundaries. , no longer distinguish between you and me.

純禾作 Pure Do

光龍|動力結構, 鋼鐵的繩, 馬達, 燈光控制|2018





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