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Chapter Nine: An Endless Cycle of Movements Is a Good Fitness Activity 

Little Black’s Whole Life in the Factory – First Episode


In a perfect world, everything needs to have a status of the blue-collar in order to execute some of the relatively heavy work. These humanoid robots must wear ahead of livestock animals, so it would be possible to, by means of differentiation, develop a perfect segmentation of ranks. In fact, if you are rich, it is possible to get installed a humanoid head. The most important is that these workers are not able to afford and efficiently maintain a high-quality head even if they work for hundreds of centuries. Therefore, these dog-headed robots cannot expect to be promoted into the world of humanoids.


To ensure an effective production, these dog-headed robots are allocated into different areas and have to wear specific uniforms. Their bodies operate in the same manner and always repeat the same movements. This is their life-long work. Their operations and work environment do not change. If you ask me ‘when are they allowed to stop,’ I actually do not know either. Body parts of the dog-headed robots are relatively simple; therefore, the chance of error and failure is very small.

第玖章 無止盡的循環運動是一種好的健身活動

小黑在工廠中的一輩子 1|10min|video|2014




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