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Chapter Two: The Unknown Death of a Vast Number of Animals

Sunny Day|55X112 CM|acrylic|2013

Before humans became extinct, many countries had constantly been developing new weapons, whether it would be sonar guns causing a great number of whale deaths or sonic guns affecting a vast amount of birds. Trial nuclear explosions had affected the crust of the Earth, thus forcing numerous insects to come forth from the deep ground. Many pre-extinct people did not consider all of these happenings to be significant, therefore no one was really interested in making a thorough investigation. Pre-extinct people were sure that ordinary people did not know what was happening. In fact, we, white-collars, have a legend saying that humanity was destroyed due to the military rivalry. Earth is so small, if one drops a nuclear bomb or a hydrogen bomb, the whole human civilization will be swept away.

Those people, who are allowed to launch the bombs, usually have entrance tickets for a protected fort where the “operating system of the post-calamity sustainable ecological cycle” can be found. After having a group discussion among each other to talk about the trial tests, they decide which areas they are going to use for the trials. All of this is a secret that only a very small amount of people knows. There are so many complex factors behind the extinction of the pre-extinct people. As a result, our generation must rely on machinery and electronics, we have immortal souls and grit, and we can grow and multiply. We are not aware of pain and death because all we need is to get a new chassis and a new circuit. We remember many moments from the past, we know the history of mankind, but we realize that we are only monsters.

第貳章 動物大量的不知名死亡

有晴天|55X112 CM|acrylic|2013




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