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Diary of an old factory.mp4_snapshot_00.04_[2022.01.26_23.35.37].jpg
Diary of an old factory.mp4_snapshot_00.53_[2022.01.26_23.35.47].jpg
Diary of an old factory.mp4_snapshot_07.33_[2022.01.26_23.36.42].jpg
Diary of an old factory.mp4_snapshot_09.18_[2022.01.26_23.36.09].jpg



Diary of an old factory,film,10min21sec,2021
This is my process of looking for "objects/memory" with a flashlight in a very dark old factory. A poetic, flowing image that recreates what the eye has seen for decades. In the dark, look for implements or weapons; in the dark to hide one's breath or hide from the enemy. A kind of dreamlike fantasy, like a 3D video game realistic horror game, a reproduction of a real childhood memory. And these objects and the smell in the factory are the objects I am familiar with, and all the reproduced objects that accompanied me growing up.

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